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SolarWise Wagga offers a range of quality Solar Pumping solutions to suit most pumping applications.

We supply and install a large selection of Solar powered DC Pumps including Solar Pool Pumps, Surface Pumps and Submersible Pumps to suit bores, dam pontoons and rivers or creeks.

By filling in the form below we can quickly get back to you with a price on a solar pump system.

If you are unsure on what is best for you, we can arrange a site assessment to determine the best solution for your needs.

If you wish to discuss options with one of our Solar Pumping specialists please call 0419 017 775 and we can help you over the phone. 

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Q1) Water source? (bore, dam, well...)
Q2) Daily amount of water required Lt/Gln
Q3) Water temperature (°C)
Q4) Delivery line distance from pump to tank M/Ft
Q5) Diameter of the delivery pipe mm/in
Q6) Rise from water table to surface (pump inlet)
(bore level to surface or dam level to top of bank)
Q7) Vertical rise from surface to top of tank (outlet to top of tank) M/Ft
Q8) If bore or well, what is the total depth? M/Ft
Q9) Diameter of the bore casing mm/in
Q10) Do you want automatic on/off switches to monitor tank levels?
Q11) If a bore, is it likely to run dry?
If yes, include bore protection probes.
Q12) If a transfer pump, do you require floats for your dam?
Q13) Do bird cause problems in your area?
If yes, include Bird Deterrent
Q13) Additional information

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