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Reposit Power

Smarter energy management, greater savings, and faster payback for solar battery storage systems.

What is Reposit?

Reposit is an innovative Australian technology that integrates the latest in battery storage systems with any (new or old) solar power system.

Through the use of smart software, Reposit monitors your energy consumption, your energy prices, and even uses weather forecasts to determine how much sunshine there will be on your solar panels.

Reposit then automatically calculates the best times to buy, sell, or store your solar energy, enabling you to achieve the maximum possible savings.

What Reposit Does for You

Reposit does the following things for you as a homeowner:

  • Provides the highest financial savings possible from owning a battery.
    This is thanks to Reposit’s smart forward-looking software algorithms that predict household energy consumption and solar generation, only drawing from the grid if needed.
  • Provides the ability to trade with the grid at much higher rates than current feed in tariffs.
  • Provides genuine financial reward for your contribution toward solving grid problems relating to peak demand and rising energy prices caused by infrastructure upgrades.
  • Smart Reposit apps on web, iOS and Android
  • Provides a choice of batteries and inverter options
  • Provides a choice of electricity retailers
  • Provides protection from power outages (i.e. blackouts) with selected inverters

Reposit constantly learns, adapts, and helps you discover new ways to lower your bill.

Although Reposit typically costs an additional four to six per cent on top of your solar and battery costs, the benefits will very quickly repay your initial investment.

The Reposit App

The Reposit app:
  • allows you to keep an eye on your energy usage
  • helps you discover more ways to save on your bills
  • notify you in real-time when you are earning GridCredits™

The Reposit app displays the following in real-time:
  • your energy consumption
  • solar generation
  • battery behaviour
  • your energy costs
The app also uses this information to suggest simple ways for you to use your energy more effectively and reduce your bill even further.
The intuitive design makes your energy usage simple & easy to understand.

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Check out these short videos to see how Reposit works.

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