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Solar System Output Calculator

This calculator uses statistical sunlight data records to calculate generated power outputs for solar power systems of various sizes.
Results are based on Postcode localisation.

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Solar Savings & Payback Calculator

Find out how much different sized solar power systems can save on your electricity bill and what will be your Return On Investment.

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Solar Income & ROI Calculator

This solar power system calculator allows you to estimate the income of a solar system over many years.
It also allows you to compare a high quality system income stream versus a 2nd lower priced/less efficient system.
It enables you to work out which solar power system gives you a better return on investment over the life of your system.

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Electricity Price Rise Impact Calculator

Find out how electricity price rises are likely to impact you and your family.

This calculator can show how electricity price increases in the future have the potential to affect your out of pocket electricity expenses.
It allows you to work out the potential electricity price in the future by selecting an average inflation rate for the next 5 years.

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Solar System based on Roof Size Calculator

Find a suitable system based on your roof size and geographical location.

This calculator lets you estimate how many LG solar panels are likely to fit on your chosen roof.
It allows the selection of multiple roof areas on your building, so you can increase the system size.

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Beginners Guide To Solar

This great ebook guide covers everything you need to know about solar systems, their components, the benefits, and how you can get started.

This Handy 18-page guide contains a wealth of information about:

  • Why You Should Choose a Solar System
  • The Benefits of Going Solar
  • How a Grid Solar System Works
  • How an Off-Grid Solar System Works
  • The Components of your Solar System
  • Solar Panel Sizes
  • Incentives, Rebates and Financing
  • Are There Rebates Available for Your Solar System?
  • Questions to Ask Before you Buy
  • Additional Tips to Avoid the Solar Sharks and Poor Quality Solar Equipment

You can download your copy of our 'Beginners Guide To Solar' here.

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(file size: 4.7MB)

Please feel free to share this guide with family and friends who are considering solar.

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