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Hybrid Solar Power Systems

Grid-connected systems with Battery Storage

A hybrid solar system combines the advantages of both on-grid and off-grid systems, providing the convenience of a grid connected system (including the ability to earn Feed-In Tariff credits) with the energy security of battery backup. 

By combining energy storage with a grid connection, hybrid systems  provide the flexibility of storing the energy you generate during the day instead of feeding it back into the grid.  This energy can then be used at night instead of paying for electricity  from the grid supply.

Many hybrid solar power systems can continue to supply electricity when the grid fails. 
Some of our hybrid systems are designed to disconnect from the grid network when a supply interruption occurs (a standard on-grid system would shut down during a blackout).
This means that you will have electricity even during a grid supply blackout, and be able to continue to operate certain appliances from your storage batteries (and from solar during daylight).

A hybrid system can 'load shift' so that the energy that you generate during the day is not fed back into the grid with minimal financial return. The energy is stored and can be used at night or whenever you like.

One advantage of a hybrid system is that it's fully programmable to allow control and balance of available energy sources:

If the power generated by a solar PV array is insufficient to supply daytime loads as well as charge your batteries, the system can recharge your batteries from the grid when a lower off-peak electricity rate is available.

If your electricity usage exceeds a certain level, you may be charged a higher rate by an electricity supplier for the increased level of demand.  Hybrid systems can provide 'peak lopping' where some stored power can be drawn from the batteries to balance the power usage.

‘Grid support’ can also be provided by a hybrid system if the grid connection does not have the capacity to supply a load. 
The hybrid system could supply the extra power. This may allow avoiding a costly mains upgrade to your property.

Hybrid Solar Power Systems
- Empower you with energy security  and  provide  self-sufficiency
- Allow you to control when you use your solar power
- Provide an uninterrupted power supply when grid supply is lost. 
- Secure your future cost of electricity.

StorEdge - Solar Energy Self Consumption Solution

SolarEdge’s StorEdge™ DC coupled storage solution allows home owners to maximize self-consumption and enables energy independence. Unused PV power is stored in a battery and used when needed to maximize self-consumption. The solution is based on a single inverter for both PV and storage.

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LG Chem - Battery Storage

LG Chem - 6.4kWh Battery Storage
Compact Size & Light Weight.
System allows for expansion with two 3.2Wh modules so you can have a 6.4Wh or 9.6 or even 12.8Wh system.
Installation Friendly-can be installed indoors and the unit can be mounted on sturdy walls easily

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Hybrid Solar - Packages

A solar hybrid system can give you back control of your electricity bill by appropriately balancing grid power with the available renewable energy and stored battery energy.

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Off Grid Solar Power Kits (Stand-alone)

Off Grid Solar Power Systems, also known as   Stand Alone Power Systems (SAPS), are not  connected to  the electricity grid. 

View our Medium Remote Power Kits and Small Stand Alone Power System kits

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