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Commercial Finance

In order to make sure the decision to install Solar Power for your business is as viable and hassle free as possible Solar Wise Wagga has worked hard to provide the best solar finance options available.

The great thing about our finance options is that it allows you to invest in solar now, so you can put money towards an asset with a large financial potential rather than simply paying electricity bills every quarter. Some of the biggest benefits to our finance plans consist of:
  • Cost benefits of solar can be easily explained against the monthly cost of electricity, ensuring the viability is easily to assess.
  • Allows businesses to install solar now while prices are still low due to current subsidies, allowing for large savings before subsidies are withdrawn.
  • In many cases cash flow can be improved from day one, with solar savings exceeding repayments.
  • Finance payments are fixed for the term and therefore provide certainty against electricity price which have a habit of increasing.
  • Our finance does not require a mortgage secured against the owners property and does not impact on their current banking relationship.

Our Solar System Finance Options on Offer

Finance Lease

Under a finance lease residual values are set in accordance with the depreciated value at the end of the lease term

Chattel Mortgage

Used by those who prefer to amortise the principal debt over the selected term. Financing under Chattel Mortgage can also be structured with balloon payments if required. Conventional terms are up to 5 years, but can be longer in special cases.

Term Rental Finance

Generally used for the public sector, this product allows for amortisation of the cost, it is flexible and upgrading and adding services and the facility rentals are fully expensed. Terms are available to years and up to 10 years for Public Sector Authorities. 

Solar Wise Wagga are able to provide businesses with a full financial assessment and finance options to demonstrate the viability of solar solutions for your business.

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