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Commercial Solar Power

Are you considering solar power for your business?

Would you like to know how much your business can save by installing solar power?

We make the commercial solar installation process as simple and efficient as possible by guiding you through the steps and making it easily manageable alongside your normal business operations.

Detailed System Proposal

  • Site survey
  • Data logging
  • Energy usage analysis
  • System quote with full report

Quotation Acceptance

  • Providing easy confirmation of the accepted quote
  • Registration and sale of STCs
  • Presenting finance options - finance or operating lease

Pre-Installation - Procurement and Planning

  • Organising your Network Connection Agreement
  • Finalising structural design
  • Equipment order
  • Ensuring all industry standards are met
  • Project OH&S plan and Risk management


  • System installation while avoiding business operation disruptions
  • Undertaking any required metering changes and upgrades.

Network Connection, Testing and After Sales Service

  • Full system testing and safety checks
  • Online monitoring and performance reporting
  • Fast response to any after sale enquiries and maintenance

Business system returns 

The largest benefit for businesses is that their main operating hours are during the day when the sun is shining.  This allows for the bulk of the electricity cost to be offset, as there usually isn't high energy use overnight. 

Additionally, businesses benefit greatly from solar power in a number of  ways:

  • Insulate  against the rising cost of electricity – electricity prices are expected to further increase over the coming years. Acting now can save on your current usage and protect you from these further increases.
  • Generate clean power – producing electricity from solar power produces no pollution and will continue to work for many decades to come. 
  • Rebates and tax reductions - the Solar Credits Program provides assistance to businesses on the upfront investment of systems. Systems are also decipherable and GST registered businesses are able to claim back the GST on all systems
  •   The cost of solar panels has reduced significantly.
  •   Due to higher electricity costs, payback can be as fast as only 3 years.
  •   Internal rate of return as high as 40%.
  •   Positive cash flow

There has never been a better time to invest in a solar energy system for your business.

The capital cost of Grid Connected PV systems has fallen ensuring a high return on investment of up to 40% 

Energy Management and  Maximising Power Output

 SolarWise Wagga  offers a full energy management system, this not only provides full system control and monitoring, but many systems will receive an additional 10 to 20% in financial returns.

•    25% more power density / efficiency 

•    Module-level monitoring, real time performance tracking 

•    Monitor your system with handy apps and software for computers, smart phones or tablets 

•    Arc, fire and safety hazard mitigation 

•    Increased energy harvest and system uptime for proven ROI 

•    Better operation under adverse conditions and shading

SolarWise Wagga have years of experience in commercial solar installation. We carefully assess your energy requirements, provide you with the best advice and tailor a Solar Energy system to suit your needs. 

We can help you with advice on finance options, tax benefits, calculate rate of return on your solar investment and provide professional after sales service.

SolarWise Wagga offers the next generation in solar technology.  
The Solar Edge Inverter  and Tigo Energy system  maximize yields and allow quick access to system production via your computer or iPhone.

Please contact one of our commercial representatives today,  to help you make the switch to a cleaner and more economical energy source for your business or school.

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