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NeoPower Evacuated Tube - Solar Hot Water

The NeoPower solar hot water features :

  •  Positive sun tracking due to cylindrical absorber shape
  • 2mm toughened glass tubes
  •  Absorber coating retains up to 97% heat
  •  Naturally self-cleaning by design
  •  Flat and pitched roof mounting systems available
  •  Pump module consumption<23 watts
  •  Certified – Australian Standard 2712
  •  10 Year Warranty (Collector, Manifold & Frame only, excludes labour from year 2-10)

Highly  efficient solar collector

Compared with flat panel solar collector, Neopower evacuated tube solar collectors: 

  • Capture more sunlight as they have a greater surface area exposed to the sun at any time
  • Can be used in subzero temperatures
  • Are durable
  • Provide excellent performance in overcast conditions
  • Require a smaller roof area
  • Do not have the same level of corrosion problems as flat plate collectors
Compared with other evacuated tube solar collectors, the Neopower advantages are:
  • Big manifold, double insulation inside, less heat loss
  • Big condenser unit: 9cm length, 24mm diameter. Better heat exchange and high efficiency
  • Aluminium alloy mounting frame, light, strong, heavy duty and long lifespan

High  insulation performance water tank

  • Pass 250,000 cycles pulsation test
  • Ternary Overheat and Overpressure protection: Thermostat, Overheat ECO and TP Relief valve
  • Super large anode protection
  • Environment-friendly fluoride-free polyurethane foaming insulation layer (50mm)

Long  Warranty

The Neopower solar hot water system carries industry leading warranties:

  • 15 Yr warranty tubes and heat pipes
  • 15 Yr warranty on manifold
  • 15 Yr warranty on framework
  • 10 Yr warranty on glass lined tank

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Neopower Solar Hot Water - FAQ

Why is the evacuated tube panel more efficient than the flat plate panel system?

The keys to achieve higher efficiency are to maximize solar heat gain and minimize heat loss. Inside each evacuate...

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