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Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Harness naturally occurring thermal energy from the environment to create hot water. 

The advantage of deciding on a hot water heat pump is its ability to be packaged with a rooftop solar PV system, allowing you to offset your hot water costs using solar. This is achieved without the need for additional panels or evacuated tubes for your hot water. The heat pump is simply timed to run alongside your solar generation, producing the following benefits. 

Heat Pump Benefits:

  • Lowest power draw of all hot water heap pump units (2.3 amps)

  • 300 litre tank with one of the highest deliveries of hot water for a heat pump

  • Active defrost function to assist operation in cold climates

  • 5 year warranty

  • Government incentive of approximately $1000.00 when installing the Stiebel Eltron heat pump

Rooftop Solar PV Benefits:

  • More affordable method of covering both home and hot water costs

  • Aesthetically pleasing, no need to use different panels or tubes to offset hot water

  • The smaller required roof space reduces current limitations to offset home and hot water energy usage.

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