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Solar Hot Water

Installing a solar hot water system will  significantly reduce your hot water cost and make  a huge contribution to the environment.

 Heating  water is the single largest cause of greenhouse gas  emissions from the average Australian home  (excluding vehicles), accounting for 28 percent of  home energy usage.

A solar hot water system will:
  • Provide up to 90% of your household’s hot water requirements without emitting  greenhouse gases
  • Save you up to $700 per year on your power bill
  •  Reduce your household’s carbon footprint by  up to four tonnes of CO2 per year. (Source: Department of the Environment, Water  Heritage and the Arts)
  • Enhance the value of your home

SolarWise Wagga are authorised distributors of the highly efficient systems below. 

NeoPower Evacuated Tube - Solar Hot Water

Compared with flat panel solar collector, Neopower evacuated tube solar collectors capture more sunlight as they have a greater surface area exposed to the sun at any time, can be used in subzero temperatures, are durable, provide excellent performance in overcast conditions, require a smaller roof area, do not have the same level of corrosion problems as flat plate collectors.

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Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Harness naturally occurring thermal energy from the environment to create hot water. 

The advantage of deciding on a hot water heat pump is its ability to be packaged with a rooftop solar PV system, allowing you to offset your hot water costs using solar. This is achieved without the need for additional panels or evacuated tubes for your hot water.

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Edson Wetback Hot Water System

The edson Wetback hot water system is perfect for use with a wood stove, fireplace or other solid fuel burner. 
It can be operated with, or without solar collectors. 

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Divert Excess Solar Power to Hot Water

Make better use of your Solar Power - Divert excess solar energy to your hot water system with 'Catch Power'

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