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Tigo Power Optimisers

Tigo Power Optimisers are  a revolutionary product that can be retrofitted to all new and existing grid connect photovoltaic systems.

Benefits include 

  • Increased yields by up to 20% 

  • Enhanced safety 

  • Active system monitoring and management

The Power Optimisers individually track the Maximum Power Point for their associated solar panel and match their output current with the other optimisers connected in the same series string.

In typical installations mismatching can occur due to the way solar panels installed and partial array shading, installation on multi- direction roof and at various tilt angles, as well as temporary and localised environmental issues such as soiling.

Using the Tigo Power Optimisers now means you have far greater flexibility and possibilities, and the constraints imposed by these factors are now largely a thing of the past.

As Tigo also allows for the monitoring of each panel and its electrical parameters including energy production.

 You can track the performance of our system via the  web portal.

The Portal can also be configured to alert you or SolarWise Wagga if  a problem is detected giving us the ability to react to problems swiftly - thus ensure the system is yielding optimum power throughout its lifetime. 

As Tigo can be used on most panels and inverters, you can retrofit existing solar systems and for replacements or upgrades where finding an exact match to the original panels is no longer possible.  It will also allow for the system to be upgraded using different orientations or roof space.

Please contact us now to get a great deal on Tigo power optimisation for your system.

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