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Medium Remote Power Kits

Custom Built - Plug and Play Off-Grid Systems

Solar Wise Wagga has partnered Living Power to custom design and manufacture  "custom plug and play" stand alone power systems. 

These units can be shipped to any location and simply plugged together, via simple instructions. 

All units are fully load tested in a workshop before going out to site. 

These systems have been deployed to a number of farm sheds, farm houses, weekend getaway homes.  

Living Power  currently have one being shipped to  Uganda  for installation in a village that has no access to electricity.

The beauty of these systems is that  NO  Solar PV knowledge is required. You simply plug in the solar panels, connect the batteries and the system delivers you 240V AC power. They come with a standard electrical board that any qualified electrician can wire into, so no specialist solar knowledge is required by your local electrician.

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