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SolarEdge - Inverters

SolarEdge Technologies is the world’s leading provider of solar power optimization and monitoring systems.

Their solution maximizes photovoltaic (PV) power generation of residential, commercial and large-scale PV installations by up to 25%, and enables faster return on investment.

The SolarEdge innovative solution provides key advantages in design, installation, maintenance and future expansion:

  • Maximum Power Harvesting: production of up to 25% more power through minimization of partial shading sensitivity and module mismatch losses. 
  • Module-level Monitoring and Troubleshooting: module monitoring continuously transmits module performance data to analysis software, remotely accessed via the internet or an iPhone. Faults and safety events are automatically indicated on a virtual site map. 
  • Installer and Firefighter Safety: electrocution and fire risks are eliminated through automatic module shutdown during installation, service or fire. 
  • Flexible Design for Maximum Space Utilization: a single inverter can be connected to parallel strings of different lengths, to different types of modules and to modules on differing roof facets.  
  • Reliability: designed for extreme outdoor conditions. Power optimizers are provided with a 25-year warranty and inverters with a 12-year warranty.

SolarWise Wagga have great pricing on our SolarEdge grid connect Inverters and power boxes.

SolarEdge inverters available to purchase range from

  1. 3  – 6  kW  (single phase)
  2. 8 to 15 kW (three phase) 

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