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Balance of System (BOS)

The balance of system (BOS) encompasses components of a PV system other than the  panels.  This includes cables, switches, a mounting system,  enclosures, and more.

BOS components make up between 10%-50% of solar purchasing and installation costs, and account for the majority of maintenance requirements.  Essentially it is through the balance-of-system components that we can control cost and increase efficiency.

While most attention is usually given to the brand of solar modules and inverter when comparing solar install quotes. One important factor is often overlooked. This is the mounting, safety and connecting materials.

Although this is something not usually at the forefront of customer minds, it is an important part of every solar installation. It is very easy to allow inferior components to compromise the system you have invested highly in, affecting the value, your returns and at worst your safety.


System Value – Our installation and connection equipment add instant additional value to your rooftop system, leaving you with a larger asset in your possession.

Secure Investment – With products produced by highly reputable companies in Australia and Europe you can rest easy knowing all parts of your new solar system are covered by the highest degree of warranties and service, leaving you with confidence that you will never be left without an operating system or worse, without a claimable warranty.

Longevity and a Faster Return – Get more from your system year after year. Anytime a fault occurs or components die, equals less savings due to a temporarily shut down system and replacement costs. By ensuring the best components are installed, the risk of dying and short lasting products is greatly reduced.

Increased Safety – Safety being the most important factor when working with anyone’s home requires the most attention, by installing fire rated cabling, rooftop conduit and the strongest mounting system we strive to keep safety at the upmost highest for your home.


Quality German Isolators - Roof-top isolators  are an important part of PV array safety and  maintenance equipment, but using lower quality  and unproven isolators can be of reduced  benefit or even present a liability for system  reliability or performance.

European Connectors – Safe and rapid  installation, clear advantage over imitation  products that can result in overheating, risking safety, warranties and system life span.

Fire Rated Cables – Used to provide optimum  safety for your home. While being able to  withstand a direct flame, ensuring a high  durability, our fire rated cabling has a  significantly longer life span, minimizing any risk of long term wear and tear.

Weather Shield – Creates additional protection  for roof top isolators against harsh weather.  This greatly reduces any chance of isolator    failure and adds visual appeal.

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