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When Quality Matters

When quality matters, LG Solar panels are some of the highest quality panels currently on the market:

  • Fully refined  quality management  system  with an expected  defect free rate of 99.9996%
  • Fully automated in house production line
  • Tests ensure panels  are  free of micro cracks and  meet the highest standards of longevity and  high temperature  performance

LG solar panels are manufactured under a highly refined quality manufacturing process.  This is a system to improve the quality by identifying and removing the causes of defects and minimizing variability.  A six sigma process means 99.99966% of products manufactured are statistically expected to be free of defects.

Overall, within the factory, there are 500 product control indexes recorded and monitored, these are reviewed by Six Sigma management committees on a regular basis to identify opportunities for improvement.

 The factory is fully automated so there is no manual handling from the start of the cell production line to the completed panel. Many lower priced manufacturers use manual manufacturing and  assembly such as hand soldering which increases human error and reduced consistency and quality.)

All LG  panels undergo 2 electroluminescence (EL) tests (like an x-ray) to check for faults or micro cracks, one before and one after laminating.  An image of the EL test of every panel is recorded and stored by serial number for future reference for quality monitoring and comparison in case of future issues, or warranty claims. 

The cells are also matched for their efficiency and colour consistency to minimize “hot spots” (which can lead to panel failure and fire risk) and to make the panels look consistent in colour and appearance.

The LG panel frames are anodized and  to 16 microns as opposed to the industry standard of 10 microns this offers increased  protection and durability before the aluminium is exposed to corrosion;

LG frames are screwed together for strength, rather than the snap in corner key system most commonly used.  LG has developed a customised system of drainage so that dust and other particles are easily washed off and water drains off efficiently, and at the light weight of only 17.3 kg the LG panel is the industry leader, causing less weight stress to your roof.

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