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Renewable Energy Certificates (Rebate)


Renewable Energy Certificates (Rebate)

Due to the complexity surrounding the actual workings of the Solar System rebate we have decided to create this page explaining exactly how it works and what is involved. 

A rebate is available with purchasing a solar grid connect system or solar hot water system due to the small-scale renewable energy scheme (SRES). This scheme was created to give a financial incentive to the public for purchasing and owning a small scale installation, which also includes hydro and wind energy systems.

What is involved in calculating the rebate?

The incentive is created by the use of small-scale technology certificates (STCs), it is these STCs that make up the rebate and are used to calculate the dollar amount. This works by the government legislating demand for these STCs, this demand fluctuates dependent on the amount of STCs currently in the system and therefore the price paid for the certificates decreases and increases. 

Current SolarWise Wagga STC Trading Price


How can we calculate the incentive from STCs?

Upon knowing the price of STCs the financial incentive can be calculated by knowing the amount of certificates that are generated for the size of the system. This can be calculated for any sized system by using the calculator found by following the link on this page. Upon knowing how many STCs are awarded for the system and multiplying this by the price paid for the certificates the financial incentive can be calculated. 

Rec-Registry Calculator

How do we calculate the price of STCs?

Against what I may have suggested, there is not a set price for STCs at any given time. A company will calculate their rebate based upon what they can trade the certificates for. The price we display the STCs for is based on the price we can trade them for. Because SolarWise Wagga is a registered trader of the certificates we are able to trade the STCs for a higher price, allowing for a larger total rebate. 


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