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LG 320 Watt Panels - The Latest Industry Advancement In Panel Efficiency

Solar Wise Wagga we are happy to announce we will soon have LG Neon 320 Watt panels available. These high efficiency panels are still the same size and weight as standard 250 Watt Panel, meaning no additional weight on your roof  with more available solar energy.

In additional to a industry leading efficiency, the LG Neon 320W has a number of additional benefits to maximize your solar gains: 
  • Receive  an additional 6% energy from LG's Neon range due to a double sided cell structure that captures light other panels miss.
  • Improved 12 year manufacture's warranty with all labour and travel costs covered . Industry standard is 10 years without an allowance for labour and travel. 
  • Improved 25 Year performance warranty  with a guaranteed output of 83% after 25 years. (Increased from 80%)
  • An increased number of bus bars from 3 to 12. Providing less resistance in the solar cells which leads to higher yields  and savings.
With most solar panel manufactures no longer investing into their own panels it is exciting to be partnered with LG who continually push the boundaries and release improved solar products. 

This directly aligns with our own market philosophy of quoting the best quality products available to ensure your solar power system will be relevant and compatible in the coming years when technologies such as battery storage become more affordability and more prevalent. For example by utilizing the most efficient panels now you can save room to add additional panels later to make advantage of battery storage and aim to effectively eliminate your electricity usage from the grid.

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