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The LG Warranty – One of the Strongest and Best in Solar

Highly secure  warranty backing from LG (manufacturing electrical goods for over 57 years), in an industry where many companies have only been  operating for less than 10 years.

  • To date out of over 200, 000 solar panels installed in Australia only 1 panel has been returned as goodwill, and not under warranty!
  • LG cover any travel and labour costs  associated with any warranty claim, this is uncommon for most competition companies.

While the industry standard for Solar panel warranties are 12 year product warranty and 25 year performance warranty, the strength, security and long term viability of these warranties will vary significantly from company to company.

The expected reduction by industry analysts of solar manufacturers from over 300 down to less than 20 in the coming years, which manufacturers will survive?

While some manufacturer’s have warranty insurance, these policies can often be misleading and not provide cover if the manufacturer becomes insolvent, as some require annual subscriptions to retain the coverage. 

The majority of  warranties do not cover the labour or transport costs to have the panel removed and returned to the manufacturer for testing and assessment. These costs are likely to be greater than the value of the solar panel.

The LG Warranty advantage

LG Electronics has been manufacturing electronic equipment since 1958 - for 57 years and has been in Australia as an entity since 1994 – for more than 20 years and in NZ since 2007.   

LG Electronics solar panels include a 10 year manufacturers warranty and a 25 year linear output warranty. To date out of over 200, 000 solar panels installed in Australia only 1 panel has been returned as goodwill, and not under warranty! This means less than 1 panel per 100,000 has been returned and no warranty claim has been executed as at January 2015.

Another warranty advantage is that the LG solar warranty is transferable. This means is if you sell the house the new owner acquires the warranty of the solar panel on it.  This is a big plus, as you can obviously advertise the solar system as an asset on the home with all the warranty benefits going over to the new owner.  

Also LG Solar has a dealer network right across Australia.  That means should the dealer that has sold you the LG panels decide to retire, LG will have a newly appointed representatives close to you, via our dealer network, in most areas of Australia.

You are in safe hands. For more information on warranty or should you have questions please feel free to contact Solar Wise Wagga

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