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LG's Extensive Solar Panel Testing

A wide variety of tests are undertaken to ensure the LG has designed and built our solar panels for a real world 25 year life span by taking as many variables as possible into account. Not many solar panels can make such a claim.

LG Solar are very confident that our rigorous testing regime has created one of the best class quality solar products available in the marketplace. 

Before LG Solar feels comfortable presenting a panel to the market, the panels have to survive one of the most extensive test regimes used in the industry right now. Below is the list of the tests LG solar panels are subjected to before they are sold to you.

  • Wind loading:  LG modules are certified to endure wind speeds of up to 216 km/hr;
  • Hail impact test:  LG modules can withstand hail of 28mm to 140 km/hr;
  • Impact and robustness test:  LG panels are tested to survive a 45 kg impact from a minimum height of 1.5 m;
  • Static mechanical test:  Panels are tested to withstand loads of up to 800 kg of snow/weight per panel and tested for durability to vibration and frame stress with weight on the panels;
  • Thermal cycling test: IEC* standard test is 200 cycles at 85 C to - 40 C (LG panels tested up to 90 C for 800 cycles) Note: Cheaper panels often only test for IEC standard, being 200 cycles.
  • Humidity test: IEC standard is 1000 hrs tested at 85 C with 85% humidity, (LG panels tested to 4000 hrs with 85% humidity)
  • PID test:  LG panels have passed the independent PID tests of both Frauenhoffer Institute in Germany as well as TUV Rheinland, Germany.
  • Hot spot test: 2 electroluminescence tests are carried out during production plus best practice cell matching and a special module design feature with precision build quality of very low tolerances in soldering precision all combine to minimize hot spot risks;
  • Salt water spray/corrosion test;
  • Backing sheet stress test;
  • UV resistance test of backing sheets and other components;
  • Mechanical load test;
  • Wafer resistant test;
  • Wafer impurity test;
  • UV resistance test of backing sheets and other;
  • Outdoor exposure test – including one running in Australia right now;
  • Electrical safety test;
  • Humidity / freeze test;
  • Ammonia resistance test;
  • Packaging vibration test;

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