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Importance of Quality in a System

Weighing up the decision to invest in a solar grid connect system for your home can leave you feeling confused and further away from making a decision. Because of this it can be very easy to totally overlook the actual components of your system.

Unfortunately this is true for a lot of consumers when the components of your system should be the only thing you need to consider, providing you with correct and relevant information as well as accurate size recommendations and financial data should be handled by the supplying business, though this can often suffer as the result of misleading marketing.

Though taking care that your system contains high quality components you can extremely reduce the risk of future costs, (repair, replacement, void warranties) obtain greatly higher system outputs and increased home safety.

Here are some brief points on what to look for in a quality installation:

  • Know the modules and inverter you are purchasing, if you finding it difficult to get this answer, or believe you may have been misled there is high chance that the products are at the bottom end of the quality scale.
  • Comparing the temperature coefficient, low light performance and wattage variance can be a good way to compare modules against each other, though we would not recommend  you base your decision solely off this.
  • An important consideration is the module manufacturer, how long have they been operating, do they have 3rd party insurance on modules warranties or an office in Australia. It is important to have a strong company back the components you are purchasing and we would suggest a more important factor to consider.
  • Ensure a quality installation, while this can be difficult it is certainly an important caution to take. Making sure the installation will be done by experienced and accredited installers who use high quality install components such as isolators and cabling.

There is much to consider when looking to purchase a solar grid connect system the above certainly doesn’t cover it all but gives a good summary for avoiding low quality products and purchasing a system that will perform well for a long time and reduce the risk of future costs.




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