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Considering Solar? - What You Should Know

SolarWise Wagga, your local solar system installer has set out to properly inform the public to give everybody the chance to properly consider a solar system and save on your quarterly bills.

The Facts are that installing a solar system is an investment that can benefit almost any budget, as long as you use more than an average of 8kWhs per day ($300 electricity bill). Meeting this criteria means we have a system that we can custom tailor for your home to grant you with a high return on investment (ROI) and greatly reduce your electricity costs.

We have a range of systems to suit any budget, though we do recommend our top line system first as it will grant you the highest return on investment. Regardless, investing in a system can grant you up a 18% (ROI), more than three times what you could expect to gain from putting money in a bank. Additionally the money you put into your system will go straight towards the value for your house. This means you can expect your system to pay itself off in approximately five to seven years, with this figure reducing after every electricity price increase. Using top tier panels you can expect a system life time of thirty plus years, making the investment in long term very impressive.



A common misconception of solar is that it is only viable if you are home through the day, most of the time, to use your energy. While based off a fact this simply isn’t true, when we design a system for your home we take into account what you can use to ensure we give you right sized system; to grant you the best rate of return possible. There are also simple techniques system owners can use, such as adjusting the use of their bigger electricity loads to align them with their systems output, such as washing machines, dish washers and pool pumps. This makes a system still very financially viable even if there is nobody home five days a week.

While I have only touched upon the most important points of solar systems, it can be a very complex process in considering and purchasing a system. To make this easier after getting in touch with SolarWise Wagga we will come to you and explain it in an easy to understand language, then design a system to best suit your needs. After this you need simply wait for the quote to reach your mailbox or inbox and have a look. 

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