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Riverinas first Tesla solar charging station

18 Dec 2015 1:32 PM -

SolarWise Wagga recently had the pleasure of helping one of our clients with a solar assisted charging station for his new (Riverina first) Tesla vehicle.

Scott Norman is one of our long time clients and came to us around 12 months ago to help design a system to help charge his new Tesla vehicle from solar.

The system had to generate around 22 kWh per day which was the equivalent to around 100 kms per day travel distance for his Tesla vehicle. The Tesla is quite amazing and can travel up to 500 kms on a full battery. 

Scott could see the economic benefits as the solar energy was delivered from the sun at a cost of around 12 cents per kWh over the forecast life of the system, meaning a full charge would cost around $ 13.50 from solar.

We selected a 5 kW array using 16 of the new efficient LG 315 W modules as these were the best option to conserve roof space and ensure he left over space on his roof to upgrade the array in the future.

We also made the system battery ready using the new Fronius Symo Hybrid inverter. Fronius have their own Lithium Ion battery system available at the moment but are also working with Tesla on integrating their new Tesla power wall battery to their inverters meaning a more Tesla integrated solution in the future. 

I was very excited to be taken for a trip in the vehicle and was amazed by the technology and made me realise that the future is now and how we had a part to play in a low emission transport. 

SolarWise Wagga commend Scott for taking leadership in taking up the challenge to move to a more sustainable and low emissions transport and we look forward to helping more clients like Scott in the future.

Alex Manley 

SolarWise Wagga 

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