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Fronius Energy Package $2,000 Rebate

10 Feb 2016 1:02 PM -
Energy storage systems have a massive potential to revolutionise how energy is consumed. However, many Australian homes have a single phase power supply, which is likely to limit the size of their PV system due to restrictions imposed on them by their electricity distributor. In support of a vision of 24 hours of sun: the transition to 100% renewables, Fronius is offering a $2,000 rebate when Australian’s upgrade from single to three phase at the time of a Fronius Energy Package install.

Energy storage takes us a huge leap forward towards 24 hours of sun: a 100% sustainable energy future where it will be common to see a house with large solar PV, sufficient energy storage, electric vehicles and zero use of gas for heating, cooking, etc.

Many Australian’s believe in a vision of 24 hours of sun and would like not only to install solar PV with battery storage, but also to move from gas/fuel to electric as soon as possible to take full advantage of the energy they generate from solar.

For a limited time only, Fronius is helping to make this transition easier by offering a $2,000 rebate to customers who wish to upgrade their connection from single to three phase when they install a Fronius Energy package (terms and conditions apply, see flyer).

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring your home into a 24 hours of sun future with the Fronius Energy Package. 

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