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Save more with solar and batteries

8 Feb 2016 3:21 PM -

Storing and using solar energy at night is becoming more and more popular at SolarWise Wagga .

Check out one of our latest Hybrid / On-grid solar battery systems for one of our clients.

The system is designed using a 3.5 kW LG array with a 13 kWh battery bank (gel lead acid).

This will go a long way to keeping energy bills down and will also continue to supply energy to the home if the grid goes down.

You can even charge the batteries on off peak energy and use it on peak times to save you even more.

It’s all able to be monitored on line in real time and also has a data logger to view past performance and savings.

Battery systems can be easily retrofitted to existing solar systems as well saving on upfront costs.

For further information, please contact SolarWise Wagga - Your friendly solar specialists.

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