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How to save with time of use billing (TOU)

Did you know that around 50% of customers we consult with would save between $50 and $250 per bill for residential and even higher for some commercial business by simply changing to a time of use tariff. 

What is time of use?

Most house holds and businesses pay a flat rate for electricity, known as a ‘continuous supply tariff’, irrespective of when
they use their power. 

However, with Time of Use (TOU)
Metering, electricity rates are broken down into three different time periods – Peak, Shoulder and Off Peak,
enabling your business to pay different rates for the electricity you use based on when you use it.

If your home or business can control its energy consumption to take advantage of lower prices at specific times of the
day or night, Time of Use Metering may suit you.
Using energy at the right time to save.

Time of Use Metering charges higher rates during the Peak and Shoulder periods and a cheaper rate during the
Off Peak period. 

To benefit from Time of Use rates you will require a digital Time of Use meter that has the ability to record consumption during different time periods.

To swap a disc meter is not that hard and can cost between $300 and $400. 

Time of use with Solar 

If you choose to install solar you will get one of these meters as part of the system. Adding solar with TOU metering is a double edged sword. 
During the day you are providing most of your energy needs with solar energy and at night you are benefiting from lower energy prices on of peek. 

Solar Wise Wagga have helped many homeowners and business save through identifying these savings just trough a site visit and consultation and we offer this free of charge to clients as part of our service.

Please feel free to contact SolarWise Wagga for a free consultation or to discuss whether you may benefit from time of use and solar energy withing your home or business.

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