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How Much Does Solar Save

Get the facts on how Solar Power positively contributes to the whole of Australia

In my view, solar is currently under an unprecedented attack by vested energy company interests who have captured current politicians via lobby firms and other means. Big energy companies are afraid of home owners and business producing their own energy and therefor they have less to sell and erode their profits. 

How much does solar save:

  • Reduces expensive peak demand
  • Reduces overall demand
  • Reduces whole sale prices
  • Reduces waste of electricity
  • Reduces blackouts
  • Reduces the cost of distribution and transmission  

Because of this in 2015/16 small scale solar will save all Australians more than it costs

What has small scale solar delivered:

  • 18,500 jobs
  • 4,500 businesses
  • 3GW of installed solar PV
  • 2 million solar houses
  • More than $8bn of private investment

The Solar Council and the industry are helping informing the public about solar’s benefits in order to counter the more recent unbalanced comments by certain politicians and reprinted without much critical review by sections of the media.

Thanks for supporting a renewable energy future in Australia and passing on to your friends. 

Alex Manley 

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