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Does your Rooftop Solar System need Maintenance?

How long has it been since you your solar installation was last maintained?

If it has been over 2 years you may like to consider booking a comprehensive safety and performance check. While we always only use the best quality products available we recommend a preventative maintenance every 2 to 3 years. 

Through a full check of all the system components including cabling we will provide peace of mind through the following areas:
  • Full safety check on all components ensuring no internal or external factors are present to ensure current and long term safety. 
  • System longevity is  maximized  through frequent inspections by ensuring all panels are operating to their expected output and  efficiency.    
  • Increased output following a full professional cleaning of all system panels, removing any build up that may be affecting system yields.
  • Updated  survey  of potential shading risks such as trees that have grow since installation and there effect on system  yields.

SolarWise Wagga also conducts cleaning  maintenance  for systems which can be beneficial on a yearly  basis to clean away any built up dirt and allow the system to perform at its maximum output. 

To book in  maintenance  for your system CONTACT US now to ensure you are getting the most from your system.

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