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SUBSIDIES UNDER REVIEW - Act now and save up to 20%

There hasn't been many better times to invest in solar than in the month of June. 

With system prices having plateaued in the last 18 months and the current solar rebates under review it is likely that purchasing a rooftop solar system now will provide the lowest prices for years to come. 

We understand investing in a quality Rooftop Solar System isn't something that is done without due thought. But we would like to take an opportunity to give you some points on why you should consider solar now.

Solar Rebates Under Review - With the current rebates under review it has become very likely that rebates will be reduced on solar installations. The best estimates have this increasing average system prices by 20%. The good news is that we can still get orders through before the end of the review and enable people to take advantage of current pricing. 

Interest Free and Zero Deposit Payment Plans - Solar Wise Wagga has range of payment plans to suit any customers needs. This can be a great way to get a system in sooner and start enjoying the savings, or in this case to avoid higher prices. Even in the event of  having to pay 10% interest to get a system in now, it can save you from paying an extra 20% from lost rebates, leaving you in the positive. 

System Prices Have Leveled Out - Rooftop solar prices have now reach a point were prices are unlikely to drop at any significant rate in years to come. Considering this, waiting in the hope of cheaper prices is unlikely to work, only costing yourself potential savings. The sooner a system can be installed the sooner you will receive savings. Again considering a payment option costing an extra 10% interest. The savings in the first year will exceed the cost to finance, leaving you in a positive net position at the end of the year. 

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