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New 3rd Generation LG 275 Watt Modules

LG have recently released there latest solar module. While coming in 275 Watt panels, the 3rd Generation LG panels have a number of significant improvements to increase customer yields. 

  • With the larger 275 Watt Module more panels can fit on the roof, helping customers with limited roof space achieve the optimum system size.
  • Improvements to the solar cells decrease electrical resistance and increase LG panel yields
  • Further improvements to solar cells increase the modules's long term performance, ensuring greater long term savings.
  • By increasing the physical size of each cell without increasing the size of the panel extra yields are also achieved.
It is through these constant improvements and developments that we can be confident LG solar modules are among the leading solar panels globally and why we choose to partner LG; to help ensure customers the greatest savings and peace of mind when purchasing a solar power system. 

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