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Dept of Primary Industries - Farm Innovation Fund

Farm Innovation Fund

$250,000,000 Total Funds available

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3kW Solar Power System - Special Offer

3kW Grid Connect Solar Energy System
We are currently offering a special deal on a 3kW Solar Energy System which features high quality products and superior power yield.
With a limited quantity of LG 300W Panels that we wa...

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Save more with solar and batteries

Storing and using solar energy at night is becoming more and more popular at SolarWise Wagga .

Check out one of our latest Hybrid / On-grid solar battery systems for one of our clients.

The system is designed using a 3.5 kW LG array...

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Video-Why Solar Energy?

In 130 years, production of electricity increased from zero to over 24,000 terawatt hours.
It is estimated that energy from the sunlight, striking the earth for only 60 minutes, is equivalent to Global energy consumption for a year.
Check out this short Video.

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My Local Auction - 2015

We are happy announce our participation in Wagga's My Local Auction again this year. 
Check out the items from SolarWise Wagga up for grabs at my local auction 2015
Auction Starts 20th Nov at 6:30 am

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Henty Field Days 2015

SolarWise Wagga will be at the 2015 Henty Machinery Field Days on September 22 , 23, and 24.

We are looking forward to showcasing some of our gre...

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Latest LG solar Cello technology wins Intersolar Award 2015

Media Release

Latest LG solar Cello technology wins Intersolar Award 2015

The solar division of LG Electronics recently developed a new 320W NeON 2...

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Wagga Home Expo 2015

We are happy to announce Solar Wise Wagga will be returning to the Wagga Wagga Home Expo for 2015. The Expo will be running on Friday Saturday and Sunday, giving everyone a chance go have a look and a chat with some local businesses on display.

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6kW Off-Grid Installation

One of our finest pieces of work and one of great job satisfaction.

SolarWise Wagga took this energy efficient home totally off grid.

No more power bills, No more noisy generator.

The System includes:

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My Local Auction 2014

SolarWise Wagga are happy announce our participation in Wagga's My Local Auction which we are happy to see again this year. My Local Auction is fast approaching and on the 14th of November all items will be open to preview.

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Commercial Rebates At Risk

The Renewable Energy Target Review has been delivered to the government which upon reading the review may have large repercussions on businesses ability to effectively invest in solar and increase business cash flow.


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Install Solar For Less Than a Coffee a Day

Solar Wise Wagga are now able to offer longer term, zero deposit payment plans to customers with the help of new finance partners Evergreen.

If the cost of solar power has been a barrier to enjoying lo...

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Solar Power Court Lighting - Wagga Swans

SolarWise Wagga were very excited to get the recent opportunity to install new solar powered court lighting for the Wagga Swans Netball Court.

By taking advantage of high efficiency solar panels and a battery storage sys...

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How to save with time of use (TOU) metering

Did you know that around 50% of customers we consult with would save between $50 and $250 per bill for residential and even higher for some commercial business by simply changing to a time of use tariff.

What ...

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SUBSIDIES UNDER REVIEW - Act now and save up to 20%

There hasn't been many better times to invest in solar than in the month of June.

With system prices having plateaued in the last 18 months and the current solar rebates under review it is likely that p...

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Solatube Bundle Packages

Want to enjoy beautiful, natural daylight inside your dark rooms?

SolarWise Wagga are now offering bundle deals on all Solatube Daylighting Systems. By taking advantage of this deal in the...

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Does your Rooftop Solar System need Maintenance?

How long has it been since you your solar installation was last maintained?

If it has been over 2 years you may like to consider booking a comprehensive safety and performance check. While we always only use the ...

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3rd Generation LG Modules Now Available

LG have recently released there latest solar module. While coming in 275 Watt panels, the 3rd Generation LG panels have a number of significant improvements to increase customer yields.

  • With the larger 275 Watt Mod...

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Solar Pumping Benefits

If you have ever considered the benefits of solar pumping on larger properties we have a great example of the benefits gained from one of our Solar Bore Pump Installations.

SolarWise Wagga was able to save our customer ...

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How Much Does Solar Save

Get the facts on how Solar Power positively contributes to the whole of Australia

In my view, solar is currently under an unprecedented attack by vested energy company interests who have capt...

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Local Zero Deposit Green Loans

Worrying about saving for a deposit to get Solar Power installed is no longer a problem.

With a new local finance, customers have the opportunity to take advantage of a special interest rate designed f...

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SolarWise Wagga are proud to be apart of the Off The Grid Conference being held at the Charles Sturt University Conference Center, Wagga Wagga on Thursday the 14th of November 2013.

Off the Grid aims to clear away some...

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Lutheran Primary School Sustainable Living Festival

Lutheran Primary School Fete - Saturday 9th of November, 10am - 3pm

Visit Our Stand To Receive One Time Only Discounts and Advice

The Lutheran Primary School are hosting a sustainable living festiva...

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Zero Deposit Payment Plan

Revieveing the benefits of Solar Power has never been easier with our new $0 Down, Save As You Go Payment Plan

Without the barrier of upfront costs, customers can now simply choose a p...

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Sydney Training and the New LG Neon 300 Watt Module

Following SolarWise Wagga's recent acceptance to be a authorised LG dealer for our area, we took part in a LG training day in Sydney to learn more about their position in the solar industry and the value of their high grade LG modules.


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Energy Efficient Videos

Is it Time to Look At Solar Power for Your Business?

Over recent years many businesses and households have been installing solar panels. This is something you may want to now consider for your organisation. Solar panels ...

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Griffith Field Show

SolarWise Wagga made the trip to Griffith on the 10th and 11th of this month to take part in the Griffith Field Day. While a long trip it was a great opportunity to meet some new potential customers and chat with other busines...

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30 kW Solar Array Warms Up Centre Link Office

SolarWise Wagga are proud to announce their latest commercial system for the Wagga Centrelink office.

The system includes:

  • 30 kW array using 108 x 285 Astronergy PV modules.

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BREAKING; NSW GFIT customers can now upgrade!

Breaking News - Solar Bonus Scheme customers can now additional solar power to their homes or business.

Thanks Nigel Morris from Solar Business services -

Solar Wise Wagga learned this week that the NSW Department ...

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Changes to the Solar Credits multiplier

Today, Greg Combet, Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, announced that the Solar Credits mechanism will be phased out ahead of schedule on 1 January 2013.

Installation of small-scale systems and solar ho...

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Flooring Extra

We are proud to announce Flooring Extra at Copland Street, Wagga Wagga as one of our latest commercial customers.

Through the use of our data logging and financial assessments we together with Flooring Extra have found...

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New Grants

An announcement has been made confirming, New funding rounds for three energy efficiency grant programs to drive smarter energy use in business, local government, households and communities.

A second r...

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Referral Rewards Program

It is our belief that to build a strong reputation you must aim to deliver an excellent service.

If you have experienced the positive type of service from SolarWise Wagga that is worth telling others then we would like ...

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New Financial Year, New Savings

Marking the start of the new financial years comes the carbon tax and another electricity price increase. Whether your with or against the tax I think we are all a bit tired of hearing about it, so I’m just going to point out the implicat...

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Queensland Feed in Tariff Reduced

More than 180,000 Queenslanders are in the solar bonus scheme.

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What happens when the energy business model doesn’t work any more?

The electricity industry is facing up to exactly this question with the growing realisation that demand for their commodity has peaked, and no amount of marketing will make the public want to buy more – it’s just two expensive. What...

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New Finance Payment

As of recent SolarWise Wagga has partnered with Certegy to provide a finance payment plan for system sizes of 3kW and below. This plan allows each customer to pay off their system in fortnightly instalments over 24 months interest free. Apart ...

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Rooftop solar PV to be energy game-changer in Australia

The Australian Energy Market Operator has produced a landmark report that, for the first time, recognises rooftop solar PV as a significant source of energy in the National Electricity Market, and includes forecasts that could have a profound ...

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The Fire Place - Mark Kingwell

7 Feb 2012 4:30 PM -

Solar Wise Wagga recently completed a commercial 13.5 kW grid connect solar power systems for local ice making company Cootamundra ice.

The system comprised of

75 x 185 Austr...

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Why there has never been a better time to buy solar

25 Jan 2012 12:06 PM -

LOWER government subsidies may be causing people to hesitate about investing in solar power, but energy groups say with summer electricity bills likely to cause some nasty shocks, solar is still a smart purchase.


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Why solar parity scares big utilities

23 Nov 2011 11:06 AM -

After a night of uncomfortably warm temperatures, and a dawn reading of 32°C, Victoria’s residents turned to their air-con and pedestal fans in near record numbers. By 9am, demand had spiked so high that electricity prices had soared ...

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Find us on Facebook

23 Nov 2011 10:07 AM -

Solar Wise Wagga have now joined Facebook

Solar Wise Wagga sees Facebook as a great opportunity to share information between all solar advocates and helps promote the renewable industry.

By liking the page you'l...

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Renewables produce 10% of power supply

8 Dec 2011 8:36 AM -

ELECTRICITY produced by renewable sources is approaching 10 per cent of Australia's total power supply, half of the national target for 2020.

The Clean Energy Council's 2011 review - launched overnigh...

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