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Solar Maintenance, Repairs, and Consulting Services

In addition to the professional solar design and installation that we provide, SolarWise Wagga offers a range of services to new and existing clients.

Our three main service categories are summarised as:-

Solar Maintenance and Repair
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Fault finding and rectification (Solar PV and Hot Water Systems)
  • Professional panel cleaning
  • Emergency Hot Water System replacement
  • Solar Inverter faults
  • Local Service Agents for Solar Edge, Fronius, Aurora, Selectronic, and SMA inverters  (+more)
Solar Inspections, Testing and Safety checks
  • Shade impact assessment
  • Physical, Electrical and Systems inspections
  • Electrical characteristics test
  • String testing
  • Safety inspections
Solar Consulting, Analysis and Energy Audits
  • Feasibility studies
  • Yield analysis
  • Cost / Benefit analysis
  • Commercial load profile surveys
  • Data logging / monitoring
More detailed information about the services we provide can be found in each section below

Solar Maintenance and Repair

Solar Power systems are often thought to be maintenance free. However, as many solar power system owners may well know, taking steps to carry out occasional repairs and maintenance will ensure that the performance of your system can be maximized.

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Solar Inspections, Testing, and Safety checks

SolarWise Wagga has a team of qualified in house technicians available to carry out inspections and reporting on your Solar power system.

Whether your system needs a system performance test, or full system safety check, we have the knowledge and experience to help you.

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